Places and Realms


There are various realms arranged in a sphere around the central tree, the Yggdrasil. In between the various realms lie oceans or wastes where hardly anything can live, but they can be crossed. The middle-most realm is called Midgard, the realm of the humans. The two realms of the Gods are Asgard and Vanirheim, they lie across the Endless Sea, accessible only by the Birfrost. The lower plane of Helheim, where the Yggdrasil is rooted, holds the dead. The Alfar live above Midgard in the realm of Alfheim. The Valkyr live in the neighboring realm of Valhalla. The Realm of Flames, Muspellheim, is the prison of the Fire Jotun, and the Realm of Mists, Niflheim, is the homeland of the Ice Jotun. The Svartalvar come from a shadowed realm known as Svartheim. The Realm Nidavellir was the home of the Dvergar, but is now infested with Trolls.


There are many places scattered across the realms. Some places are large, some are small. You may journey to all of them, or you may stay in a single location.

List of Places

Places and Realms

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